Community Photo Gallery

Owner of SERVPRO of Vincennes's son washing company vehicle

We like to keep our trucks clean around here!

This is what we call a family business! Here at SERVPRO of Vincennes we our proud of the water damage, fire damage, and mold work we do each and every year.

Our team is well trained, professional, and they produce amazing work. We not only see the value in great work and a great reputation. But we know how important it is to take care of the equipment and vehicles we have. 

If you see our vehicles driving around Vincennes, Princeton, Washington, or Petersburg, Indiana, give us a smile! Our team is always working hard for the people in this community!

Mattress by appointment and SERVPRO of Vincennes in Vincennes Indiana

SERVPRO Supports Mattress by Appointment

We have love cheering on local businesses in our community and Mattress by appointment is one of those businesses! We enjoyed their ribbon cutting and getting to know each and everyone of them. 

Vincennes Indiana Walmart Grocery Pick Up

Supporting our local Businesses

If you have not tried Walmart's "grocery pick up" you are missing out. It a WONDERFUL addition to our community! Our family has utilized this service many time! Thank you Walmart in Vincennes Indiana for your customer service !

Shoe Sensation and SERVPRO of Vincennes in Vincennes Indiana.

SERVPRO Supporting other Businesses in Vincennes Indiana

Here at SERVPRO of Vincennes we love to cheer on other businesses and watch them join our community ! We had a wonderful time at the Shoe Sensation Ribbon cutting welcoming them to Vincennes, Indiana!